Why Do the World’s Top Skaters Rely On Riedell As They Reach for Their Dreams?

Written By: Riedell | September 15, 2021

Guillaume Cizeron

“My Riedell boots are the only skates that make me feel like I can reach my full potential as a skater while maximizing comfort and elegance.” –Guillaume Cizeron, 4x World Champion, 5x European Champion 

Guillaume and his partner, Gabriella, have been one of the ice dance couples taking the sport to the next level by bringing the style of modern dance to ice dancing. When this couple steps on the ice and the music starts, everything else disappears as the exceptional athleticism is combined with pure art. 

This couple has broken world records so many times that many have stopped counting. 

The Olympic gold medal as their target, they continue to astonish people by developing their skating skills, artistry and creativity year after year. 

Guillaume is training at the Ice Academy of Montreal – the ultimate world-top ice dance training center, with which Riedell continues to co-operate very closely. It’s truly inspirational to see athletes pursuing their dreams by working as professional athletes, taking their athletic and artistic abilities to the next level and winning world medals. 

Many ice dancers in Montreal – including coach Marie-France Dubreuil – are relying on Riedell boots as their choice of equipment. We are always honored to partner with professionals as we continue to develop our boots so they can meet the highest expectations of world-top athletes. 

Guillaume’s choice of boot: Riedell Dance 4200 Custom boot 

Instagram: @guillaume_cizeron

Vincent Zhou 

GANGNEUNG, SOUTH KOREA – FEBRUARY 16, 2018: Vincent Zhou of the United States performs in the Men Single Skating Short Program at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Gangneung Ice Arena

“Riedells are the most comfortable, reactive boot for me. I have worn them for many years and simply love them!” –Vincent Zhou, World Bronze Medalist, Junior World Champion 

Vincent is the first skater to land quadruple Lutz at the Olympics. In addition to his exquisite technical abilities and jumping skills, Vincent has a unique way of captivating spectators with his delicate expression of music and emotions, as well as soft edge work. In addition to skating at the world top level, Vincent started to study flexibly in Brown University in 2019. We are rooting for Vincent to qualify for the Olympic team again!

He is also a talented writer; a truly artistic soul that resonates in his skating every time he steps on the ice. Vincent has another Instagram account for his art – @artworkofthemind. 

This is our favorite quote: 

”We are like snowflakes

Every one is different, unique patterns, sizes, and shapes

Different enough to be distinguished

But every one is alike, identical composition and state of being

Alike enough to exist together” 

– Vincent Zhou

Vincent’s choice of boot: Aria 3030 Custom boot 

Instagram: @govincentzhou 

Kurt Browning

“Riedell Skates have been my choice for over 25 years of competitive and professional skating. Still going strong with my Riedells!” –Kurt Browning, 4x World Champion, 4x Canadian Champion 

On March 25, 1988, Kurt landed the very first quadruple jump in a competition in history.

He’s also been working as a choreographer for multiple world top skaters such as Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernandez, Patrick Chan, Evan Lysacek and Carolina Kostner. 

Additionally, Kurt is known for multiple TV projects like commentating for CBC and hosting and judging the “Battle of the Blades.” 

Kurt is still skating in shows around the globe with his amazingly unique skating skills, quick and light footwork and extraordinary charisma. If you haven’t seen his legendary “Singin’ in the Rain” performance, which Kurt debuted in a CBC-TV special in 1994, go and Google it – and enjoy something that is truly in its own category as a spectacular piece of art and technical ability.

Kurt’s choice of boot: Riedell Custom boot 

Instagram: @kbonice 

Nadiia Bashynska & Peter Beaumont

“Riedell skates help us skate with ease and are just what we need for successful performances.”

Nadiia Bashynska & Peter Beaumont, Canadian Junior National Silver Medalists 

Nadiia and Peter are a one-of-a-kind unit with so much talent and potential! Nadiia was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and Peter in Rotherham, Great Britain. Nowadays they are representing and living in Canada. The couple teamed up in 2017 and rocketed very fast to the Junior National Top level by achieving the silver medal in 2020.

Nadiia and Peter are training in Toronto, at the Scarboro FSC together with Canadian National Champions Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier. This creative couple has such a bright future ahead and we are thrilled to support their journey!

Nadiia’s and Peter’s choice of boots: Fusion 2010 Custom boots 

Instagram: @nadiia_bashynska @nadiia_peter @_peterbeaumont