Wren Warne-Jacobsen

Written By: Riedell | September 26, 2013

wren-warne-jacobsenWe would like to congratulate Riedell skater and Minnesota native Wren Warne-Jacobsen for her stellar performance at last month’s 2014 Minnesota State Figure Skating Championships, which earned her gold at the preliminary level. Way to go, Wren!

Wren went ice skating for the first time as a 5-year-old when her mother, Debbie (a former figure skater herself) brought Wren to Neilson-Reise Arena in their hometown of Bemidji, Minnesota.

After that, Wren was hooked! She enrolled in skating lessons at the St. Paul Figure Skating Club and within a year was competing and skating in ice shows.

We are excited to follow this young athlete as her skating journey continues!